Lumberjack Chic
Channel your inner Paul Bunyan with chunky flannel and foxtail looks from Rose by Kyle Johnson. Just make sure to leave the ox and rifle at home.

Heavy Metal/Chump Change
Just because the economy is in a recession, that doesn't mean your style has to be, too. Challenge frugality with super luxe metallics a la Balenciaga and Missoni, or Fake regality with the "Toledo" sword necklace from Litter SF. Fashion is fantasy, after all.

Damien Hirst for Levi's & Studded Pocket Denim
Does this make my ass look...
like art?

Making the Grade
Former class clowns and teacher's pets alike will fall for the grade school-inspired Sawdust chair by Rotella + Florissi, while the hardcover table from Hutten is sure to strike your inner bookworm. With pieces like these, who cares if you were the last kid picked in kick ball.

Visuals by Seema. Words by Johanna.


  1. I love it....makes me hungry for booty and paco rabanne.




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