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It's in the Bag

Whether through careful construction or innovative design, the heart and soul of a fashion house is best represented by its handbag.

Sultry chocolate brown python skin and a bouquet of delicate chains provide the Edda Chain Shoulder Bag with the understated chic so characterisitic of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Meanwhile, Barbour remains true to all things rugged. Always sophisticated and built-to-last, the British brand's Leather Explorer Bag is the perfect carry-all for your next country getaway.

At first glance, the boxy and monochromatic Rue Cambon bag by Chanel may appear to lack original design. However, a closer look reveals the rich history behind the inscription of those six iconic letters. Inspired by the gift bags of the historic boutique, the Rue Cambon introduces the concept of shopping bag as handbag- and what could be more original than that?

Visuals by Seema. Words by Johanna.


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