StockholmStreetStyle. Yum.

Stockholm Syndrome:
minimal, understated, fresh.

Simplicity is a standout style for the chic Stockholm femmes. The ladies keep focus on one piece, opting for solid tees and shift dresses with an effortlessly refined yet comfortable fit. And while accessories and color schemes are kept to a minimum, wayfarers and round-framed blinkers always keep these Swedish sirens incognito during their stroll through the city.

Meanwhile, the hommes of Stockholm show off their boyish charms by pairing everyday basics with sophisticated menswear extras. The relaxed aesthetic of rolled up tee sleeves and loosely tailored pants is accented by structured hats and classic leather portfolios, keeping the city's handsome lads looking sharp, but never overdone.

Visuals by Seema. Words by Johanna.


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