Depth Perception:

Add substance to your style with structured pieces inspired by the exotic.

Blessed with a craft and aesthetic that is forever ahead of his time, Gareth Pugh has once again created a piece that placates to both the conceptual and the functional. Featuring three-dimensional construction in a monochromatic color story, Pugh’s jacket can be as easily sported out on the street as on the runway.

With a figure-flattering fit, Rouland Mouret’s incorporation of clean tailoring and fabric folds adds edge and dimension for a futuristic update on the timeless black skirt.

In Anne-Sofie Madsen’s Graduate Collection, minimalism flirts with excess as the designer drapes shoelaces and leather insets on sheer tulle. Citing mythical Maori motifs as her inspiration, the resulting series of otherworldly pieces serves as an elegant marriage between the supernatural and classic European design.
seema hamid
Visuals by Seema. Words by Johanna.


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