Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do

Style, Iconic: Natasha Khan

29-year-old British musician, Nastasha Khan of Bat for Lashes is known not only for her ethereal voice but for her otherworldly aesthetic as well. Citing such eccentric sources including Native-American folklore and NYC drag queens as her inspiration, Khan has gained respect and prominence around the alternative sartorial scene for her dramatic make-up, headgear, and love for color. While the chanteuse has expressed admiration for "aggressive visions of femininity" a la Courtney Love and PJ Harvey, Khan has developed an aesthetic that is completely her own, opting for thrift store purchases over designer pieces and the guidance of divine inspiration over that of a stylist. Infused with 1970's experimental sounds layered richly over tribal beats, tracks from Khan's celebrated albums are melodic representations of her personal style.


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