Why don’t you love me?!.......Because You‘re Just - Plain - Dumb.

Yes being absolutely perfect has its downfall. Beyonce brings lyrical voice that speaks for the silent stares of all disappointed women in the world. The famous Marilyn Monroe portrait where our damsel stares blankly off camera, perfectly made up, and perfectly absent from the moment. Thinking how possibly it came to be that in perfection and supreme loveliness she built an image that no man could comfortable stand next to.

Winch, Cry, Scream and Curse the world, men and their silliness!!!

In spring, perhaps, we see a new light at the end of the tunnel where just maybe our love can be rejuvenated. Taking a turn to this seasons fashion queues, we can all now rejoice that the denim button up shirt is finally back in style! I cannot wait to pull my arms through soft jean cloth and feel the rustic sun of summer warm my inner love-joy. Beaten down by the cold winter, like Beyonce rolling around with torn stockings and makeup-stained face, the brief moment when the tears subside and the taste of our face’s salty residue reminds us of a margarita and not an inconsiderate hapless fool with a penis, we breath in. We wear colors, and we can maybe even smise.

Words by Nicole Shanahan. Visuals by Seema.


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