Woah! Treasures...

SO, For my 29th Burstday (my Golden Year) I was kidnapped to Sonoma, Ca for a beautiful day in sunshine, good food, amazing company and one of my favorite things in the world: Treasure Hunting... I found some amazing pieces at this tiny antique shop and little be known I, actually, really found a treasure! A $15 pair of Aviators. They are probably one of the most amazing blinkers I have ever laid eyes upon (besides my CHANEL S5018). Been sporting them ever since, and call them my happy blinkers, simply because they really make me happy/happier. I have forgotten them at several different events, realizing the next day, that I am missing something very precious. Luckily, they've always found their way back to me.

So, how do I know that they are so yummy? Well, I finally took the initiative to find out where these amazing glasses came from. First, I needed a lit magnifying glass in order to decipher the super tiny inscription, then I obviously used my googling-powers.

The verdict: Rayban B&L 12K Gold Filled Blinkers SAME AS JONNY DEPP's in Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!!!!! AAAAAAAAH -
These are very rare vintage 1960's Ray-Ban 12k gold filled outdoorsman shooter sunglasses with the B&L Kalichrome C yellow hunting and shooting lens, that can sell for over $1200. The precision ground and highly polished glass B&L Kalichrome C lens is a yellow high contrast lens free of waves or any other defects that could distort vision or cause eye strain. The B&L Kalichrome lenses are famous worldwide for their ability to intensify and enhance the visual spectrum, and sporting enthusiasts and pilots everywhere swear by these glasses when in difficult visibility situations. The B&L Kalichrome lens actually intensifies light and increases contrast, not to mention they look cool. The shooter style is similar to the aviator but sits a bit higher up on the face, and the area between the lens is smaller and separated by a circular ring that aficionados call the bullet hole.."

Anyhow, just so psyched about my treasure and wanted to share it with you all. Here is a picture of me sporting them. Enjoy.


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